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Skin Look And Feel

Yesterday, Winamp, THE mp3 player, introduced skinnable user interfaces.Today all applications MUST be skinnable: your cdplayer, your email notifier,even your operating system!

Now with Skin Look And Feel,YOUR Java™application is skinnable!

Skin Look And Feel is able to read GTK (The Gimp ToolKit) and KDE(The K Desktop Environment) Skins to enhance your application GUI controlssuch as Buttons, Checks, Radios, Scrollbars, Progress Bar, Lists, Tables,Internal Frames, Colors, Background Textures, Regular Windows.


skinlfblueTurquesa skinlfcoronaH skinlfscreenshot_skinlf


Developer Website
License Apache License 2.0
Supported JDKs 1.4+
Webstart Demo webstart_small2